Please read carefully before applying


Q: How is TLV Generator different from other acceleration programs?

A: We generate startups, not accelerate them. Start with a minimal team and a valid idea - and come out with a fundable venture in 4 months. CTO is not required.

Q: What does TLV Generator include?

A: Product development by appUgo, the MVP (Minimal Viable Productexperts, first grade training and mentoring program headed by Tal Catran, Deployment to your initila customer/users, exposure to potential investors. Top-notch office space at Merskpace Tel Aviv, 

Q: What will I come up with at the end of the program?

A: A well structured venture, an MVP, and mentored team with a good understanding of the ecosystem  relying on hard user data and first grade training and exposure to investors. This will dramatically improve your ability to tell your story and bring your venture to success 

Q: What does the Minimum Viable Product include?

A: Though we can handle many other technologies, and based on market demand, TLV Generator basic product will is a hybrid mobile app, including:


UI/X (10 functional screens)

Cloud hosted backend

iOS and Android apps

Web management

Full user measurement

Q: Who can apply to TLV Generator?

A: Committed team with a valid idea. The application will be evaluated and selected teams will be invited  by TLV Generator steering committee. 
Products - from IOT prototypes to B2B web-based services, and even hardware, are most welcome to apply, and we will estimate the development effort and cost. 

Q: How committed should be the team?

A: Very much, so at least one team member is required to act full time. Full time teams of two or more will be preferred. Though we keep our rates bootstrapping-friendly, there is no way to condauct our broad & complex activities (including development of a product) without cost. Therfore the team should be able to finance the program. 

Q: Do you take equity?

A: No.

Q: Is the VAT refundable?

A: Yes.

Q: Why TLV Generator? What benefits do we get for the money?

 An experienced technical team, focusing your idea & defining your initial product

MVP - Minimum viable product, including specs and UI/X

First grade training and mentoring program, headed by Tal Catran

 Connection to a first customer/user for product deployment 

 Gathering users metrics and creating your IP

 Investors relations and demo day

Day to day community management

Financial & Chief Scientist Funds consulting by EY

Legal consulting by HFN

Patents consulting

 Sponsorships of market key players

 Professional Media mentoring via

 International networking

Office space at Merkspace Tel Aviv: 2 desks, meetups, perks


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