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tlvGenerator opens a new opportunity To Founders From A Wider Range Of Backgrounds. We are looking for committed teams with excellent knowledge of their targeted market. No technological or startup experience are required.
Lead by Industry Veterans, tlvGenerator takes its Portfolio companies from Idea to a Fundable Prototype stage within 4-8 weeks. Once the venture initial funding is secured, Dedicated technical teams assure a solid product development path.

Take your first step towards a great startup.

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No Time?
No Problem.

Startups are life-missions. You can not possibly be a founder without quitting your job. Right?
Well, yes, but not necessarily in the ultra-early Garage stage. The tlvGenerator Program provides the full materials required to present the startup, including a solid technological path - without requiring a full time commitment form our portfolio teams, many of them busy professions.

“The Israelis produce software as the Italians produce cheeses: with natural love and intuition. The Key points  are accuracy in managing & reporting, clear communication, solid priorities, and balancing between market needs and the change you want to bring to the world through your technology. I have so much more to learn, and I have fun learning it with tlvGenerator”

-Lorenzo Pisoni, CEO PCUP

Our Portfolio

What's Included

tlvGenerator Startup Program
Special Pricing
Due to Covid19
Cloud hosted Prototype
Initial Branding, UI/X Design
PRD, Dev Budget, Revenue Model
Professional landing Page
Presentation, Exec. summery
Over $15,000 Perks from our partners

Meet The Team


Ariela Swed

Business administrator with vast startup experience: from data back-office and community management, to social spread and general buzz.

Program Director

Tal Catran

Accelerators Guru & Seasoned Start-Ups Hubs Builder. Built and mentored over 10 tech accelerators in Israel and abroad.


Eli Swed

Product and technology expert, MVP ninja. Over 20 years of early-stage experience. Raised funds few times, a very experienced bootstrapper.


Avi Weiss

Editor-in-Chief at Telecomnews, Technology, Management,  Media & High-Tech industry. Expert for over 45 years.

Head of Development

Egor Kotov

Experienced in latest methodologies and development cycles. Was involved  in dozens of projects in different industries.

Software Engineer

Olga Doskach

Front-end developer currently working on PCUP. Focused on creating web and mobile apps along with the rest of our great dev team.

Special Offers, Webinars, Tips on Early Stage MVPs

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