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In the startups scene, execution is the name of the game and user metrics are the score by which you are measured.  Located in Tel Aviv, one of the best startup cities in the world, TLV Generator’s mission is to turn the entrepreneurs dreams into reality. With us, you will be able to prove execution and deliver metrics in a record time.

TLV Generator is currently accepting Mobile, Web and IOT based ventures. The ventures are screens by our team, accepting the ones that are likely to show results in such a short timeframe. We are measured by our portfolio success.

We do not take equity, and CTO is not required. The program cost is paid by the entrepreneurs. As in the real world no seed investor will fund a venture lacking a product and user metrics, this is the only way to save months of valuable time – sometime years – of fruitless seed funding efforts.

TLV Generator is looking for committed founders with an excellent knowledge of their field of operation, with a valid idea. Once the venture is accepted to the program, the idea is turned by our team into a  product specifications and UI/X. Then we develop it – fast.

Our portfolio teams be personally mentored and trained by the Generator’s experts. at the same level as at leading accelerators programs. They receive legal, financial and patents advice from our sponsors: polishing their pitch and obtaining first-hand knowledge of the Israeli startup ecosphere.

Once the product is developed, we help the team to deploy and spread it, to assure early users traction. Data usage and patterns are measured to gather the first user metrics, crucial for seed investors. Then, led by a well-trained team delivering a polished pitch, along with a functional product and metrics, the startup will be ready to meet seed investors.

Additional details about the program can be found on our Services page.

Meet our team

Ariela Swed

Ariela Swed


Business administrator with vast startup experience: from data back-office and community management, to social spread and general buzz.

Tal Catran

Tal Catran

Program Director

Accelerators Guru & Seasoned Start-Ups Hubs Builder.
Built and mentored over 10 tech accelerators in Israel and abroad.

Eli Swed

Eli Swed

Product and technology expert, MVP ninja. Over 20 years of early-stage experience. Raised funds few times, a very experienced bootstrapper.
Avi Weiss

Avi Weiss


Editor-in-Chief at Telecomnews , Technology, Management,  Media & High-Tech industry.
Expert for over 45 years.