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We are glad to announce that the generator has initiated a cooperation with PipelBiz, a leading Israeli crowdfunding platform for startup ventures.  A new law, recently approved, enables equity based crowdfunding campaign, without any limitations of the number of investors participating, each of those is receiving a small portion of the company equity. This opens new horizons to fund your startup, much faster than it could be done based on conventional seed investors. The investors community to be gathered around your venture will be the first users of your product, promote it and market in in any possible way – after all, they’re your partners!

To start a crowdfunding campaign the startup should first reach a minimal maturity, including basic training, a product and user metrics. You are still in the idea stage, without a technological partner on board? No problem, that’s why we’re here. For a fee much lower than the conventional market cost we will help you gaining the full set of qualifications required for a successful startup team. You will be provided with a full training program headed by Tal Catran, we will develop for you a production-level product, connect you with an unparalleled network of partners, and turn your brilliant idea into a fundable venture. The program takes place in the TLV Generator’s offices in Shalom Tower, Tel Aviv, where sits will be allocated to you.

Upon your acceptance to the TLV Generator program, we will check your general suitability for crowd funding. After one month only, you will have a functional prototype, a polished presentation, initial branding and a company website. At this stage the investment team at PipelBiz will be able to examine the venture and the team, towards crowdfunding. If the reply is positive, you will be accepted as a PipelBiz portfolio company, towards a campaign that will be held once the product will be up & running. 

During the next stage of the program, the Generator’s team will develop your product quickly and efficiently, by a professional group of developers led by a CTO with over 25 years of startup experience. Once the program is delivered, at the end of the program’s third month, you will be able to start recruiting your first users and pre-sale for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign – we all have friends & family members that will be happy to invest a small amount in a promising startup. The fifth and sixth months will be dedicated to your crowdfunding campaign. So far, the average amount to be raised in a successful campaign is 0.5M to 1M ILS, few times more than the cost of the generator program.

In short – 6 months from idea to a funded venture, with a supportive community of investors and an unparalleled buzz.

The TLV Generator first crowdfunding batch will be entitled to special terms. You have a great startup idea? Committed, enthusiastic, ready to roll? Contact us!