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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is TLV Generator a startup accelerator?

    No. We are a startup Generator. We do not accelerate the startup growth, but help in it’s founding – starting at the idea stage
  • Can any startup can part in the program?

    No. We are judged by the success of our portfolio companies. Therefor, we screen the ideas & teams to make sure that the the startup has a reasonable chance to be funded
  • Which ventures are accepted?

    Web, mobile and IOT startups, managed by committed and professional founders
  • What services are offered?

    Everything a young startup needs: Training, mentoring, consulting, branding, presentation, a website, functional prototype, a product and product implementation, full envelop services including investors relations – and an office space.
  • Can we use only some services or is it a ``package deal``?

    Sure. The Generator offers the TLVG Prototype program which includes initial “kickstart” of the venture and a functional prototype on an iPhone. During TLVG MVP phase we will develop for you a production level product based on the prototype – while the TLVG Program enables continuing the full envelop services on a monthly basis.
  • A product in 80 days? Is it possible?

    Of course. When continuing directly from the prototype stage to MVP development, the process can end even quicker. In less than 3 months since entering the program, you can see your dream becomes reality
  • How can a startup operate without a CTO?

    Most Web and Mobile apps does not required an in-house CTO at the early stage
  • Who are your developers? Do you outsource?

    We work with professional in-house Israeli developers. Besides uncommon and rare cases, we do not use Israeli or foreign outsourced dev
  • How come the price is fixed, and why is it so low?

    The price is actually not fixed, and might change by the venture’s needs. But once the specs and cost are set, we are responsible to deliver as agreed without any extra costs. Our prices are among the lowest in the market for Israeli based development without compromising the quality: mainly due to unparalleled experience in early stage development, and the implementation of unique MVP tools, some of them developed by us
  • Do you take equity?

  • So - who pays for the program?

    As in any business, the entrepreneurs themselves.
  • Why not raise seed funding instead of financing the program ourselves?

    Because in the real world, nobody will fund a venture without a product and early user metrics
  • Not even it the presentation is brilliant?

    No. The presentation means nothing without a field proof
  • So how come you allow the teams to start with a prototype?

    Firstly, the prototype is highly beneficial for the teams themselves. It is very hard to truly understand the user experience without a functional prototype. Regarding the funding – ventures are often financed in their 0 stage by F&F money: Friends and Family. In this context a functional prototype could be of great help.
  • Can you promise that the startup will be funded by professional investors?

    Of course not. But we can help you reach a stage where such funding is possible. Most ventures never reach it.
  • How do we continue from here?

    If you have a valid idea and execution abilities, and your are ready to turn it into a startup at minimal cost and maximal speed – contact us!

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