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Cutting Mobile/Web server development effort by over 80%.

The development of mobile/web backend is the bottle-neck of modern development – a lengthy task, performed by high-cost and hard to obtain professionals.

api.all is a true game-changer: Dramatically simplifies the backend development effort and cuts 80% of typical schedule, while making the training of new developers a snap. It’s done by creating an independent API layer, supporting ultra-rapid tools such as Apple’s FileMaker platform. The resulted API, can be accessed by any front-end developer and mainly intended for Mobile and Web apps. The API is auto documented, and it’s services can be tested internally from api.all. api.all includes an independent token-based user authentication, and direct media upload to storage sites.

Real-time sockets will be available soon. The FileMaker/api.all platform – turning months of work into weeks and producing almost bug-free servers, was field proven in TLV Generator, where it was used to develop over 10 production-level Mobile and Web apps. In the future, we will add additional backend platforms – currently not APIed – and will develop it’s own logic & db tools, thus making the development even simpler.

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