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TLVG MVP – Rapid, high quality development

Without user metrics there will be no investment. Even when the idea is brilliant and the team is experienced, seed investors will not enter as partners to a venture that has not been tested by the targeted users. In the case of a B2B service, targeting businesses, the investors will expect to see at lease few companies that had tried it. If its a B2C app, targeting end users, the entrepreneurs will be required to present data that was generated from a substantial number of users: mainly adoption, retention and usage curves.

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is essential for obtaining user metrics! The product must be reliable, include the main use cases presented by the venture, attractive and easy to use. Yet, it also must be one that can be developed within the entrepreneurs limited budget, and be offered to the users quickly. Time is money in any business field: but even more so in the startups business

The Generator’s technical team relays on over 20 years of experience of developing products for early stage startups. We know what the users are expecting, what the entrepreneurs need to measure, and what are the requests of the investors. We use state of the art development tools, some of them created by us specifically for MVP work.

A web app will be developed for ventures that do not need the phone’s features such as location or a camera. If those features are required, we will develop iPhone & Android apps and will upload them to the stores. A hosted server is allocated for each MVP, while all usage data is recorded and measured.

Relying on it’s unique resources, TLV Generator can turn the iOS prototype, developed during the TLVG Prototype program, into a full fledged product – within few weeks and at an unprecedented cost.

Some MVP examples can be seen at our Portfolio page.