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TLVG Program – Think of up as your Garage

An office space is not enough to successfully run a startup – but is could help. Desks at Merkspace office space in the heart of Tel Aviv, one of the world’s most startup-friendly cities, are allocated to the Generator’s portfolio companies.

External CTO services are granted to the portfolio companies, as well as constant personal training of the Generators expert: presentation, storytelling, partnerships and investors relation. The ventures receive media consulting and are included in the Generator’s PR releases. You will be accompanied by our sponsors in the fields of Law, Finance and Patents.

The community manager will tend to all your needs, and guide you which of the dozens startup meet-ups and conventions held constantly in Tel Aviv are worth attending. Most importantly – we help our companies to obtain the essential cooperations to seed to product and generate user data. A product, as said, is a must – but not enough. It must also be used!

Many of the greatest startup success stories were started in “Few months in the Garage”… While in this legendary garage the team has access to all the required resources. For a monthly cost, lower than employing a single professional, you will benefit an office plus the full advantages of a diverse interdisciplinary team, with tens of years of startup experience