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TLV Prototype

30 days from idea to reality!

The Generator offers a first of its kind preliminary program, that will let you see your startup idea becomes a reality within one month. The program is intended for entrepreneurs with a valid and attractive idea, gone through the doubts and uncertainty phase, and are ready to jump forward

Branding, Website

The prototype program is held in the Generator’s office space in the heart of Tel Aviv, where desks will be allocated for you. The program includes initial branding, including help in name choosing, logo design, brand colors and a presentation template. We will develop a prompted website for the venture, and even print your business cards

Idea Focus, Consulting

First grade experts will help you in the focusing of the idea, specifying the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and consult you in regards of the best way to bring it to the users. We will help you in the building of your presentation and will guide you how to present it. The Generator’s sponsors -Herzog Fox & Neeman law office, EY Israel and Luzzatto & Luzzatto patents office will hold preliminary meetings with you, toward future representation

iOS Functional  Prototype 

A functional prototype will be developed during the initial program. The prototype runs in iOS environment and can be used from any iPhone or iPad, including usage of the camera and location services. A hosted server supports the prototype, allowing access to few devices at the same time

The development of a production level MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the next step. The MVP can support hundreds of thousands of users, using Web or iOS/Android apps. Based on unique technologies and many years of early-stage development experience, we can offer the development at an unprecedented cost: to be delivered in 6 weeks!

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