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From an Idea to a fundable startup in 90 days !!

Professional and personal mentoring,  High tech offices and a young vibrant atmosphere, Product development

Professional CTO and deployment of the MVP

ALL included in the program

A Start-up Idea

Product customization, Understanding the need and the suggested solution, Basic training for the Start-up team, Professional mentoring from the generators’ professional team and our sponsors, Initial branding and developing a viable MVP.


Developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with an Israeli developing team.

The MVP is developed with advanced developing tools and includes hosting and an easy Back end managing platform.


We are glad to announce that the generator has initiated a cooperation with PipelBiz, a leading Israeli crowdfunding platform for startup ventures. A successful campaign will enable your venture to reach a 1M ILS investment in 6 months!

Eco System

TLV Generator is lead by an experienced team of experts and enjoys a wide network in Israel and around the globe. The program is sponsored by leading Israeli  law firms, accountants, Patent offices and international cooperations.

We believe that everyone should get an opportunity to make their dream come true

TLV Generator presents a whole new way to launch startup ventures. 

Do you have a valid idea?  Within one month only we will help you to turn it into a startup – including initial branding, training an a functional prototype. In additional 6 weeks we will develop the prototype to a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), enabling product launch and user metrics.

Instead of searching for executives, designers, software developers, PR people etc., we will provide you with a full envelop and networking, to the investors presentation stage – in a reasonable cost and unparalleled speed.

Our mission is to give the opportunity to chosen ideas & teams to reach the funding stage as quickly as possible, based on our long early-stage experience, and without requiring a technological partner.

Think of us as your garage..

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What does the program include?

(The contents might change by specific project)

Relevant, developed networking

Long years of experience are the base of the Generator’s global network, sponsorships and international partners

Software development

First grade professionals, few minutes driving from the Generator’s offices

Early-Stage experts

A highly experienced managing team, in all startup fields – starting from technology, through presentation and funding to media management.  Your success is ours.

Hand in hand to the start line

Not just development – also training and mentoring, obtaining of corporations for product implementation, user metrics and investors relations

Mentoring by the best experts

Editors of professional sites and some of the best in the country Law, CPA and Patents offices at your disposal

A startup in the startup city

The program is hosted at an ultra modern office space, in a young and dynamic high-tech environment


What does the MVP include?

(The contents might change by specific project)


During the first phase we develop a functional prototype to demonstrate the future product, including location, camera and more. The prototype can run on any iOS device.


We will connect you with Israel’s best designers – to create an elegant yet simple UI that will present your product at it’s best

Web, iOS, Android, IOT

Web, iPhone and Android apps, hardware interface (IOT)

Minimum Viable Product

The MVP is developed quickly, based on the lessons learned while building the prototype, and using state of the art technologies

Advances server technologies

A main reason for the ultra-low price development offered by the Generator – advanced and unique servers, cloud hosted, that were developed specifically for MVP

Full users measuremants

No metrics – no funding. Full measurements, at server and client sides

News & Updates


Do you have an app idea?

Do you have a great idea for a startup, but no product or a CTO?